We don't just sell reminder rings, we use them too.

Hi there, I'm Sophia.

I created Ring me Ring with my best friend, Sally. We developed a reminder ring for mindfulness when we were both experiencing the wonderful and the worst times of our lives. To stop us disappearing off into our imagined world of worries, or sinking into a depressive fog, we used a reminder ring to keep us in the moment. Ring me Ring also helped us pause and appreciate the good times too. Staying present dramatically improved our lives. We hope it has this magical effect on your life too.

About Sophia

Every day I use my Ring me Ring to remind me to be mindful. The ring is a sign to me,  to be compassionate to others and myself. I love to spend my time reading spiritual literature and watching the work of Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie.

I live in London, UK, with my adorable little puppy. 

About Julianne

Hello, I'm Julianne. I'm an A-type personality, so when I met Sophia, I needed to find out how she remained so chilled out. I wanted to know her secret!

Sophia was happy to share it, introducing me to a ring she and Sally created, as a simple way to live a more mindful life. Every time she felt stressed or down, she would look at her ring and bring herself back to the present moment. I loved the idea of the ring so much, I invested in the company. I now work with Sophia to spread the word about Ring me Ring, helping people like you to live in the moment.

I live in Annapolis, USA, with my husband and our dog.

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