About Us

Two friends found themselves sitting in a park in southwest London in the sun and thought about how they could have a tool or a piece of jewelry that helped them to Live in the moment, to be a reminder to breathe and to reconnect to those around you especially during trying times – good or bad. 


And the Ring Me Ring was created by Sally Dawson and Sophia Amvrazis. The logo and thought behind was very special to both Sally and Sophia and you will see the RMR still etched in the Ring today.   Both Sally and Sophia found themselves using the ring as more than just a tool but as a true reminder that as Sally went thru and lost her battle with Cancer it helped keep not only Sally, but also Sophia and their friends and family around them in the moment, enjoying each moment they had together. 

They wanted to use the ring to help in reconnecting you to another person or feeling. Be it family connection, friendship, romantic, or someone not yet known. 

Owning your own ring allows you this special tool.  May it help you to be aware of the thoughts you think about yourself and others.  As you look at the ring think of the kinder thoughts and take a moment to just breathe. 

Thought first, then follows action sounds simple, right?  Sally and Sophia realized it wasn’t always as easy as it was to say and therefore, they hope the ring will help to give you a reminder to become aware in each moment to the message you are emanating. 


Since this humble beginning our family has grown, Julianne has joined the company to help us grow and expand. She has evolved the original Ring Me Ring to Ring Around Me, Huw has helped us to deliver the best hand-crafted jewelry, so beautiful it becomes a conversation piece, Mark who has stepped in for Sally and Bill who helps us send our messages out to all of you. 


We thank you for taking the time to hear our story and we hope you will become part of our family.  For every ring that is purchased we contribute 3% to either Susan G. Komen or Bo’s Effort both very near and dear to our hearts. 

Julianne, Sophia, Mark, Huw and Bill
Sophia Amvrazis, Co-Founder, London, England
Julianne Hemingway, Co-Founder, Annapolis, MD, USA
Mark Dawson, Head of Operations, London, England
Huw Davis, Head of Production, London, England 
Bill Rozier, CMO, Columbia, MD, USA